Saturday, October 4, 2008

Zest Blog

For Zest Blog's WCMD Challenge - Christmas cards in NON-traditional colors! I chose red, white and blue!

They will be going out for Gina's event to soldiers who may then send them off to their loved ones or special people~

They use basic white (PaperTrey), Riding Hood Red, and a heavy light blue cover stock that I picked up somehwere. The cards need to be relatively simple and somewhat flat. So there you have it!

WCMD Limelight #6

Well the power went out because of the storm but it's back on now. But I have some catching up to do!

Sleeping person in my house....fake sleeping I think.

WCMD #5 - (Hidden) Candy!

I HAD to hide it in our would be gone in a flash if not...I've already been found on a couple other spots (one was in the big basket of plastic recycle bags...someone found it too soon) now I'm putting candy here. (There's also a stash in my car! LOL)

When you open the 'house', those shelves used to have scrapbooking or stamping stuff...see the top shelf? (Stamps!) Now the candy is hiding on the bottom shelf. I can get 4 or 5 bags of candy in there! The roof top also opens up and there's a bag in there too! Kids don't look there because it normally has stamps -- nothing that they're interested in! :)

my boring mousepad for Limelight's WCMD #4

It's terribly boring. I photographed it outside because the flash kept going off inside and it has a slightly satiny finish which was really annoying.....

there it is...plain as can be. From Target. Stitched nicely around the edges though ;-)

WCMD Cards

First is a card for Limelight Paper Crafts - it's a 1/2 done card! LOL That was too easy. The stickles are wet so I am waiting before I put anything else on there. I will add ribbon and a greeting and be done later! :)

Images are Stampin up. Cameo Coral, Mellow Moss and Blush Blossom. There is stippling of pearlized paint behind the butterflies, and lots of dots of Stickles on both panels.

It sure takes long to dry in our humid weather!