Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's been WARM in Seattle!

Finally a little reprieve from the heat today - we hit 98 - which is a lot cooler than 105 which we had yesterday!

I could hardly bring myself to work on the project - yesterday, but found some time today - too bad my Cuttlebug wasn't working that well. It could be the heat - the sizzlets just were not cutting even with shims! :(

I still want to share my Jenni Bowlin project's a little mini album with a sliding box/case thing. It didn't really come out how I had envisioned, but the kids like it and that's what counts.

"Cousins album"....

I used lots of Jenni Bowlin (whatever I could get my hands on locally), some Rusty Pickle, and bits and pieces of this 'n that....
Check out that big round thing - it's a mondo paper clip that you embellish with pictures or paper...I chose papers but the other side of the paper clip has more space - so I put pictures on the opposite side! :)

I'm going to cool off now - it's still a tad on the warm side - even with A/C running!

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Tammi said...

What a great project, lots of amazing details on it! Amazing job on it Elaine! I bet it's cooler there now, we're def. getting fall weather, love it!